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Digitalnewstime.com (“Site”) Services (“TOS”) Terms of Service (“TOS”), the “Service (s)” article for services / services prepares documents, which should be updated over time Could. with you too. Serve them under TOS service organizations and ban legal, read carefully. Please, we must be 13 years of age or older to use this service. Any reference to us, and, we refer to this kind of game about this site and its goodwill.

You agree that in our registered and all other times, the extent possible restrictions will be correct, correct, current and complete. You agree that to ensure that you will be retained at all possible times This is especially applicable to the email address as we will direct you to the instructions for the e-mail address. We will use sympathy with your privacy (as well as defined).

Personal education and music education
To use the Services, we agree that by applying the privacy of the site Please regularly review privacy publications (which can be accessed on the site) as it can be updated at that time.

Unless otherwise indicated, all sites of unnecessary content, including entry categories, site sites, and all designs, texts, graphics, unusual files and sites selected and copyright are present. If you can save and print the difficulty of this site, it is difficult to work harder on this site to complete it using personal and unusual, personal use materials. This site uses any other material in which we are used – there is a need to describe the performance of any type of writing along with the advanced distribution, distribution, regulatory, performance, performance of any kind.

The name of the site and your trademark, and the use used in any part, can be used as per publication permission. In addition, all page headers, graphics graphics, icons and service marks, site trademarks and / or script trades and any part are in writing with written permission. Can be used.

Use of Content Collected by Your User / AUTHOR
Submit, post, send or send without limitation, graphics, video, data, text, files, links, software, music, sound (“content”), pictures, photos, photos or other content These terms you use Tied to If you do not accept, update, do not post, send or submit any content on this site.

You agree that there is no need to move first, email, and if we are available by anyone through the service, then we will get a special license on any network with a permanent, comprehensive, specific service. . For business (and any success), as well as to promote and redistribute any media in any media and to emphasize any channel and (re-shared) service. In addition to allowing this user to allow such permission under this site and its conditions, such as unusual exhibitions, development, use, distribution, distribution disadvantages. Provides a special license to distribute, each special license to distribute. Service. No content or any “real right” is prohibited for any content, including pastoral and integrity rights. Allows you to remove information about the licenses provided to you.

You understand that the most importantly, whether publicly posted by users / writers, the user is not particularly careful. This means – we, and not only – this site, your / user / first, is not possible to be acceptable for email, when available through the service, email e-mail. We can be targeted by many services through the service, and thus, not to ensure this kind of unusual quality accuracy, integrity.
You understand that by using the service, you can not be considered unusual, meaningless and unbelievably possible. Either way, in any way, by any means, in any way, we will not be responsible for any potential in any way, no one will use any capacity at any cost at any cost. Available through e-mail, or other means