Ten healthy eating tips for kids

Encouraging balanced children to eat is not always easy. Here are ten tips to help them develop healthy habits in the young age.

10. Eat Breakfast

Snack food, even if it is just banana and milk glass, kicks off the body and makes it easy to maintain lasting energy throughout the day. If you can get your children to establish a good habit of eating a good breakfast at a young age, then they should stay with them as they are old.

9. Choose healthy snacks

It is easy to reach chips or biscuits when you and your children tend to lean on, but these snacks are low in nutrients and high in calories. Instead, try to keep your closet with healthy snacks such as fruit, air-pop popcorn, unsalted nuts and unsolved curd.

8. Drink water

Make the water a favorite drink at the time of meals, and occasionally keep juices and sweet drinks as a treat.
While there are valuable nutrients in juice and provide a concentrated energy enhancement for active, growing bodies, children should first go for water after thirst, not sugar-sweet drinks.

7. Develop Your Own

Growing vegetables and herbs at home can be a fun way to teach children where food comes and they are encouraged to eat another diverse diet.If they help in planting and taking them, they are more likely to cut broccoli or carrots at least. If you do not have a garden, a window box can be as effective.

6. Eat Together

It is tempting to eat dinner in front of television, eat wolf for lunch at your desk and catch snacks on running.
If you can encourage your children to eat regular meals on the table, it can not only reduce snack, but also can teach valuable social skills.

5. Have fun in the kitchen

If they want to cook, then children are more likely to become courageous eaters. Make fun by giving them your own apron and help you with small tasks in the kitchen regularly
As they grow up and have more confidence, let them cook once a week. If the idea of ​​children in the kitchen looks like a recipe for disaster, why not enroll them in the cooking classes during school holidays?

4. slow it down

Eating too slowly for weight control at any age is very good. This is a great way to show the children that it takes about 20 minutes for the message that they are full of their stomach to come to their mind.The more we will love our children to complete their meals in minutes rather than hours, it is very important that they slow down and chew their food properly.

3. Be creative

All vibrant colors of fruits and vegetables come from natural plant chemicals, which have a healthy effect on their body. Different colors have different effects, so each day it is good to eat different colors.Give your children a colorful breakfast of various fruits and berries, or cut vegetables in an interesting shape so that they are more fun and exciting.

2. Know when to stop

Although babies are born with the ability to stop eating when completed, but it can be difficult for parents to decide that their children have eaten the right food, and enough of them.
Teach children to listen to their belt and ask themselves questions about quantity and quality, such as, “Is my stomach full?” Or “Will I feel sick if I eat those extra biscuits?” They will get the opportunity to develop their abilities as perfection.

1. Do not give up

Our research shows that most children and young children need to do something new seven to ten times before they like it. So do not be afraid to present them to new or more exotic flavors.
A good strategy for kids to eat different types of foods is to tell them that they are growing up to tell new things that they are growing up. Or, buy them and let them choose a new, healthy food to serve at home, which they already like.

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