Best 10 Home Remedies for Fever in Babies

Easy home remedies for fever in children

Is your child fighting fever and you do not know what to do? Fortunately, temperatures can be brought with some effective home remedies. Reading to learn more.

Use these simple home remedies to overcome your child’s discomfort.

1. Cold compress

Put a sample wash clip with a soup on your baby urine. It is one of the best home remedies for children in high fever. Doing this reduces the temperature of your child’s body and reduces the problem.

2. Lukuras bath

Give your baby a soft, lightweight bath in a tub or sponge it with hot water. This method will reduce the temperature of the temperature because its body becomes clean. Do not put room temperature in the room. It can cause high and high temperature change and can increase the fever.

3. Fly Intake

When you feel fevery, give your baby a lot of fluid. Water, Juice, and Juice are good for its body.

4. Pick the appropriate clothes

If your child is wearing more than one layer of cloth, then take something and breathe quickly. Dress in cotton-like breathable clothes and change fan if needed. If you are outside, however, avoid avoiding sunlight.

5.Onion treatment

There is a common and versatile ingredient of Indian home remedies for fever in onion children. It helps reduce body temperature and prevents from body disease due to fever.

Just cut one onion slice and rub 2-3 slices for 2 minutes on your baby’s feet.
Do it twice a day.
In addition to friction, onions can also be used.
Onion and money to make juice.
Feed this juice for a little while in your day.

6. Ginger Bath

Your baby fills the tub in which the mixture of ginger powder in flexible water mixes two spoones. Give your baby a 10-minute bath in that water. Ginger helps spread sweat, which leads to an imbalance. This is one of the most effective home remedies for children in the viral fever.

7. Syrup oil and garlic massage

Like Ginger, serene oil and garlic becomes effective agent to promote sweat and throw poisoning.

To prepare this mosquito agent, take 2 gram of gray oil and heat the microwave oven for thirty seconds.
Add a tea spoon garlic paste and mix it well. Heat mainly helps in oil in the past.

After coming back to the room temperature, leave the mixture for about 2 minutes.
Now, pay attention to your child with this mixture on the massage, their chest, the back, the neck, the palm and the feet.

As there is a comfortable effect in the massage, this treatment is ideal for your child’s time before sleeping.

8. Egg indicators

Eggs are proteins in eggs that help promote agriculture. It has unique features of spicy, it makes an effective absorption of heat, as it absorbs most heat energy around it.

Separate the yellow from an egg white and whiten the egg well, as long as a smooth structure.
Strap eggs have a small amount of wallet in almost a minute to wrap.
Slowly stretch flexible muscles around your baby’s feet and find them with a loose couple of socks to keep them in those places.
Leave it for about an hour

9. Lemon and honey

Both lemon and honey are powerful muscles.

Some honey mixes with lemon juice (squeezed lemon but squeezed) and half chicken spoon powder
Feed your baby twice a day, mix this mixture.

10.Some additional tips

There is a lot of misunderstandings when it feeds in children. Here are some important tips when trying to organize your baby’s fever.
The fever comes when the natural immune system of the body has entered foreign institutions such as viruses or bacteria that enter it. 

After the body is fought, the temperature causes inflammation and increase, which we see as “fever”.

Keep in mind that at all times, such as the agreement is a natural part of the human body development; its immune system is strong. The fever is not a quick indication of serious health problems, but it may occur when the temperature is too high or with other symptoms.

The fever is always taken seriously after 12 weeks of age, but for children, which is more than 3 months, fever which is less than 39.5 degrees (103.5%) does not require minimum medical attention. With other symptoms.

If your child is showing slow, pastor, dysfunction, diarrhea, and feeding with high temperatures, you will need to meet your doctor.
Do not use your baby for yourself without consulting without any child disease. Abroad is immune for children under 6 months of age because it may have harmful side effects. Studies show that consumption of mostly Ibuprofen can harm the digestive system and kidneys.

Recommend your pediatrician about diet for autty medicine. Miller drugs, especially made for children, are available these days. Antioxidants of anti-inflammation for children are the safest types.
Our fear is easy to take away. Occasionally, fever is not just a fever, but in a room or a hot room, the temperature increases. Anything between 36 and 38 degrees Celsius (97 – 104%), while still in the human body’s normal temperature range.

Avoid using a mercury thermometer because they are a threat to you and your children.

Before using a thermometer on your child, clean it with a negative or liquor and drag it into cool water.

When using a static thermometer, throw your baby in your knees, come down. Petroleum Jelly Rob to make it taste. Take it 1½ to 1 inch in depth to open your baby’s anal and enter the temperature, till the beep’s sound, hold it down slowly under the bottom of it.
If you use oral thermometer (which is placed within), add a degree to read the error to read carefully.

Other types of thermometers, such as the forehead, the temple and the ear thermometer, are known to be incredible despite being easy, it is known to read, which sometimes goes away from several degrees. So it is not recommended.

While markets are serious for more than 3 years old, they are far more dangerous than older children. Fighter is natural and helps to build the resistance of your growing child, so learn to become a part of this course.

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