10 great Tips to Keep Kids Healthy and fit

As a parent, you have an important concern to develop and maintain your child’s good health. Feeding a nutritious meal to a child, at a reasonable interval, is a challenge before most parents. Starting from the time of food, exercise, sleep, family, doctors follow good manners in school, it is a long way to go. Every small activity right from the beginning will make a habit of developing your child as a healthy and a disciplined person.

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You have to ensure the well-being of your child at all times. You can not follow them everywhere Therefore, it is necessary to teach healthy habits to follow them for life. Parenting is not easy and requires good work. To help you in this process, here are the 10 best health tips for children.

1. Natural food and balanced diet

Balanced diet is the most recommended diet for every child because it helps in the betterment of someone’s health and enhances immunity. You should give different types of food choices to the children so that they develop their taste. You do not have to force them to eat but they can offer some bite to start them. Apart from this, you should avoid giving them processed food because they are full of sugar, sodium, calories and unhealthy fats. Instead, include the foods listed below for your children:

Protein – Contributes to the development of healthy brain and child’s immune system.
Basil and Mint – help to remove colds, coughs, kidney stones, tooth decay and many other disorders.
Pasteurized milk – Includes all the minerals and proteins required for your children.
Fresh fruits and vegetables
whole grains
Fiber rich foods

2. Minimum sugar intake

Food and drinks (energy drinks, such as Bournvita or Horlicks) that are high in sugar content should be avoided. It can lead children to develop a sweet tooth, which can lead to diseases like diabetes and tooth decay. This is due to the weak bones due to the low amount of calcium, which is due to excess sugar in the body.

3. Avoid Applying ‘Clean Plate’

Most of us grew up following the clean plate rules, because we were instructed that we should not waste any food served in somebody’s plate. But children from this point of view can have excesses. It does not allow children to understand and respond to the feeling of fullness in their body. As a result, they do not learn where to limit themselves and stop eating. Therefore, give them many choices of food and allow them to take what they are ready to eat and eat. Give them guidance to decide their intake capacity, and they will learn to eat in the range.

4. Occasional desserts

You should occasionally make a point to give sweets to the children. Do not change desserts in prize; Otherwise it can be the main cause of children’s food. In addition, you should not use food or dessert to show your affection. It can take them to chew all the time to face emotions and stress. Instead, you should embrace and admire them. Mother and child

5. Frequent food

Instead of having a traditional habit of 3 large meals in one day, focus your child on feeding small portions of food at regular intervals. The main key aspects of this habit, which can later be prevented from possible diseases in life:

It is easy to digest small amount of food for the baby’s body.

This will help to maintain the weight of your baby’s body and keep it fit.

6. Proceed

Keep your kids busy and active all the time. Do not let them become couch potatoes. You should set a minimum TV and computer time for your children. Keeping them away from the screen will help them to use their time in a creative way. Encourage them to spend time playing some outdoor games or other physical activity.

7. Sleep adequately

Sleeping in the right amount is equally important as it is important for healthy growth and development in young children. It is advisable to get your children to go to bed early and get used to getting up early. This will help them create a routine for them, which they will be able to follow later in life.

8. Prevent cold and flu

Hand wash is one of the essential health tips for children to follow at home and school, which can help prevent the possible spread of disease in children. Children should be taught to wash their hands thoroughly after and after eating and after using the bathroom. You can teach them to use anti-bacterial wipes. They should also be taught to not share their cups and utensils with friends.

Hand washing children

9. Plenty of water

Some of the most important functions in our body, such as digestion, circulation and emission, we need to take a good amount of water. In addition, water makes our body energetic and keeps us hydrated throughout the day. The lack of water in our body can lead to problems like constipation, dehydration and even kidney stone. Therefore, it is recommended

10. Children follow adult behaviors

Children are motivated to follow what they see on a daily basis. They will probably follow your footsteps and your siblings. Therefore, it is very important that you try to be a good role model and implement the suggestions given below to set the best example:

Choose nutritious snacks

Do not leave food
Eat together at a table
Developing a healthy lifestyle for younger children from a very young age can prove beneficial for their well-being in the long run.

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